How It Works

Single Well, Wireless Reporting

Self Measuring Alarm Reporting Tank

Southeast Rentals is pleased announce the vertical integration of the industry leading, totally wireless, LEVEL-PRO system to create the industry first: Self-Measuring-Alarm-Reporting-Tank SMART Rental;
Exclusive to Southeast Tank Rentals.

The state of the art; liquid level gauge, combined with the Quest Data secure MESSENGER satellite communications system, offers economical and reliable wireless transmission of daily fluid level reporting. Single well battery inventory management
has never been easier!


  • Daily Level Reports
  • High Tank Alarms
  • High Level Shutdown
  • System DIagostics


  • Wireless/Solar Powered
  • Accurate & Reliable
  • Efficient & Cost Effective
  • Eliminates Overflow Risk
  • Eliminates Manual Gauge Venting
  • Increases Operator Safety